Intermediate Oboe Guide

Kessler’s Intermediate Oboe Guide!

Shopping for an intermediate oboe can be confusing experience! For many oboe buyers, they aren’t sure what they should and shouldn’t be looking for in a new instrument, so we are here to help! In fact, we put together this video on YouTube to not only discuss intermediate oboe options, but rather SHOW them to you!

In the video, we review the various optional key mechanisms found on intermediate oboes, helping you figure out which ones are a “must have” (spoiler alert: Left Hand F and Low Bb!) and which keys are great to have if you can get them! We’ll discuss:
– Left Hand F
– Low Bb
– Low Bb Vent
– Third Octave Key
– Articulated C#
– Banana Trill
– & More!

After that, we cover some of the more popular intermediate oboes such as the intermediate options from Yamaha, Howarth and Buffet and also introduce you to our own Kessler Custom oboe line. Rounding off the comparison, we finish out with professional models from Howarth and Lorée!

Lastly, will finish up with care & maintenance tips including oiling your oboe and humidification.

Thanks for watching!!

Special thanks to our friend Dani McCracken for her help. Check her out on all of the various social media platforms: @DaniMcCracken

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