Kessler Custom Bass Clarinets

Kessler Custom Bass Clarinets have become hands down the best selling instrument in our store… not just bass clarinet or clarinet, the best selling instruments in our store. Think about that for a second… a bass clarinet?! Bass clarinets should never be a best selling instrument in any store unless all that store sells is bass clarinets!! So what makes this instrument so popular?

The answer is simple… they offer the perfect blend of what most players are looking for: performance, quality & affordability. Let’s look at each one to understand a little more behind this:


Kessler Custom Bass Clarinets offer a performance level more in line with professional models due to the combination of advanced features and acoustic design. On the features, the Kessler Bass Clarinets all offer a double register mechanism which helps to balance the tone & pitch throughout the registers. The double register mechanism is a lifesaver for the instrument and one of the key features that differentiate the Kessler Bass Clarinets from traditional models in this price range.

The acoustic design affords a free-blowing yet rich tone. Combined with our new “Gen 2 Plus” Setup, these instruments give a truly balanced, rich tonal response and even voicing. They have served in every musical environment from the band room to Broadway shows!


All Kessler Bass Clarinets are made in a factory that we have used for over 20 years. The instrument has exceptional tonehole manufacturing to ensure a proper pad seal and reliable performance. The keywork is well crafted and fit to the instrument to provide smooth feel and reliability. The pads are Pisoni leather pads from Italy which are the industry standard for quality and reliability. Furthermore, every instrument is setup in our ProShop to ensure it meets our standards.

The synthetic body gives a light weight while still helping produce a sweet tone. The light weight helps make the bass clarinets easier to handle and improves overall responsiveness.


This is the lynch pin of the whole operation! The lineup of Kessler Custom Bass Clarinets offer a price point that is commonly associated with only entry level student models that do not share in the feature, performance, and in many cases the quality level being offered.

In the end, bass clarinets, even student models, are not cheap. The combination of performance and quality at a student accessible price makes our bass clarinet lineup the most impressive value on the market.

Financing with Synchrony

Better Than Ever Before!
We are always trying to improve our products. Most all of the glowing product reviews were done before any of the recent improvements to our bass clarinets. So if they were that great back then, they are even better now! What have we done? Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • In January 2022, we launched a new enhanced setup that improved voicing of notes across the break greatly. This takes much more time in setup but we would rather make sure the instruments plays better.
  • In January 2023, we launched a new neck. The new neck is a custom selection of 3 alloys to help produce a richer tone throughout and improve tonal clarity and response, especially in the upper registers.
  • In January 2023, we launched a new case. The new case was custom designed for our bass to better protect the instrument and offer customers a stock case that they could be proud to carry their instrument in!

What’s even better is that we did all this without doing massive price increases! Unlike other companies that have raised prices 10% or more in that time frame, we have done one price increase of $40-$50 total in that time, and have no plans on raising the price anytime soon! Our bass clarinet is better than ever before and with inflation hitting everywhere, only becomes a better value with each passing day!!

Kessler Bass Clarinets

Kessler Custom 2nd Gen Bass Clarinet Lineup

Meet the full lineup of our 2nd Gen Kessler Custom Bass Clarinets! All of the models feature the same synthetic material and professional design. The difference is simply in the range (low Eb or low C) and the cosmetics of the instrument.

New Neck & Case Design!
Retail: $3,999.00
Financing starting at $52.30 per month
United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate
New Neck & Case Design!
Retail: $4,299.00
Financing starting at $56.85 per month
United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate
New Neck & Case Design!
Retail: $4,699.00
Financing starting at $64.81 per month
United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate

Build Your Setup

Build Your Custom Setup

Your mouthpiece, ligature and reed setup are equally important to the overall performance. For this reason, we allow customers to build the setup that they want rather than building a “stock” mouthpiece setup in to the cost. So you can choose from a wide array of discounted mouthpieces from Backun, Fobes, Selmer Paris & Vandoren as well as ligatures from Bonade, Rico, Rovner & Vandoren.

We also allow you to upgrade to the best bass clarinet cases in the industry, the BAM Trekking cases. The BAM Trekking cases are the most protective and versatile for our Kessler Bass Clarinets. They offer the right support and storage options for any performance level of musician.


Stock Accessories

As the years have gone on, we continue to make improvements to our bass clarinets. When possible, we make these upgrades available to our previous customers. These items are ONLY available to verified owners of one of our bass clarinets.

New Model!
Out of stock
Retail: $475.00 - $499.00
Retail: $499.00
Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $249.00.


Financing Available!

While these are extremely affordable for a bass clarinet, they still are a lot of money! So we have several financing options to choose from. Along with credit cards & PayPal (including PayPal Credit), we offer extended financing from United Midwest Savings Bank and Synchrony. Both programs offer great options to meet your budget needs!

United Midwest Savings Bank

UMWSB offers flexible, long term financing with term lengths of up to 60 months at an affordable 12.99% APR. Better yet, their financing has No Pre-Payment Penalty so you can pay off your balance at anytime and only pay for the interest for the length of time you had the loan!

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Synchrony Financial is one of the national leaders in consumer financing. With deferred interest options (Interest if waived if paid off in promotional term) and sometimes, they offer manufacturer partnered promotions to offer you an even better term length.

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