C.G. Conn 88H Series Professional Trombones

Long regarded as being the best professional F-Rotor trombones in the world, the Conn 88H series trombones are known for their tone, flexibility, quality and response. The Conn 88H is recognized for its unique tone color and refusal to “break up” even at the most extreme dynamics making it one of the most widely used professional symphonic trombones in the world.

“All Conn 88H Series horns are completely inspected in our ProShop to guarantee their quality. Horns that do not meet our standards is sent back to Conn.”
Dave Kessler

Conn 88H Trombones

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Retail: $5,059.00
Financing starting at $78.69 per month
United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate
Retail: $5,059.00
Financing starting at $78.69 per month
United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate
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Financing starting at $106.89 per month
United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate

Conn 88H Series Wraps
The Conn 88H Series trombones are available in 3 different wrap & rotor combinations.

  • Closed Wrap
    The traditional closed wrap still uses the larger .562″ bore through the F-section. With the conventional rotor and the closed wrap, players will find a tighter play and response through the F-Section of the horn. The drawback is that the horn is not as open or as big through the low end of the instrument
  • Open Wrap
    The open wrap has long been a favorite for the 88H series trombones. With less resistance through the lower range of the horn through the F-Section, players find a great balance of performance, feel & value in the open wrap.
  • CL2000 Rotor, Open Wrap
    The CL2000 rotor system was developed with artist Christian Lindberg. The concept was simple – make the 88H have the free blow of a straight tenor, but with the flexibility of the rotor. This was done with an enlarged rotor that allows the Bb side’s air column to pass through the rotor without obstruction, just like a straight tenor would. On the F side of the horn , the air column is shunted off more softly than a conventional rotor thus making it feel almost as open.Finally, the CL2000 rotor has a much shorter “throw” than the conventional rotor. This allows for quicker operation of the rotor as well as less back pressure compression to build up while the rotor is moving. This effectively eliminates the “pop” and “flop” that can occur with conventional rotor systems.

Conn 88H Bell Options
The 88H is available with several bell options to further customize the tonal depth and response of your horn.

  • Rose Brass Bell
    The standard Rose Brass Bell (standard gauge) offers a great balance of a warm tone with subtle response.
  • Thin Rose Brass Bell
    The original Conn 88H models actually featured the Thin Rose Brass Bell. This gives the quickest response of any of the bell options while still staying closer to the tonal depth of the Rose Brass… but with the downside of it being more fragile due to the thinner gauge metal.
  • Yellow Brass Bell
    For players that want the quicker response of the original 88H thin bell, but with a bit better durability, the Yellow Brass Bell is the best option. It is the brightest tone of all the bells through.
  • Large Throat Rose Brass Bell – K Series
    The K bell increases the bell diameter from the stock 8.5″ to a larger 9″ bell with a slightly more open throat that is a cross between the 88H design and a bass trombone bell throat. It offers a broader and darker tone, but with slower response. (K bell is only available on the 88HO and 88HCL models, not on the closed wrap 88H model).
  • Solid Sterling Silver Bell
    The Solid Silver Bell provides the warmest and sweetest tone. Response is similar to the rose brass bell but with more tonal presence and warmth.

Slide Options for Conn 88HO Trombones
The Conn 88HO series trombones are by default setup with a .547″ bore slide with a fixed leadpipe/venturi. However, the Conn 88HO can be ordered with one of 5 alternate slide options, all of which include 3 removable leadpipes. Slide upgrade options are:

  • SL2525 – .525″ bore on both tubes – 2 small shank & 1 large shank pipes
  • SL2547 – .525″ top tube, .547″ bottom tube – 2 small shank & 1 large shank pipes
  • SL4747 – .547″ bore on both tubes – 3 large shank pipes
  • SL4762 – .547″ top tube, .562″ bottom tube – 3 large shank pipes
  • SL6262 – .562″ bore on both tubes – 3 large shank pipes

These slides can also be purchased as a separate accessory for the Conn 88H.


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