Why Buy From Kessler & Sons Music?

The Kessler Advantage – Professional Setup
It Makes a HUGE Difference!

Instruments NEED Setup! No instrument comes from any manufacturer 100% “ready to play” – regardless of brand, price, or quality level. This surprises many people, parents especially. “Why wouldn’t my new expensive instrument be perfectly adjusted before it leaves the factory?” – That’s a great question! The simple answer is “because they just don’t”. There are many reasons behind this (production time quotas, storage methods, shipping issues, etc…) but the simple reality is that these instruments rarely come in playing perfectly right “out of the box”.

Kessler & Sons Music ProShop Advantage
We started off first and foremost as a repair shop in 1989. As a small family shop, we treated our customers and their instruments like they were part of the family. We wanted to make sure that if a mom, dad, student, professional, teacher and even the amateur hobby player trusted us with their hard earned money that we would repay that trust with the best service, selection and advice possible!

Today, our repair shop is regarded as one of the finest in the USA with the highest caliber technicians and some of the most exclusive certifications available. We have been hand-selected by Selmer Paris to be an exclusive Selmer Paris ProShop – a designation earned by your repair capabilities and not based on your sales numbers. We are only 1 of a small handful of these ProShop dealers. Our shop is lead by our company founder, Chuck Kessler, who personally trains from scratch every one of our technicians. That’s right, we don’t hire repair techs, we TRAIN them in the methods and techniques that make our shop the caliber that it is. Mr. Kessler is a certified Straubinger technician and one of the most trusted in the industry!

Professional Setup on Every Instrument
Every musical instrument that we ship out is carefully inspected and setup in our Professional Repair Shop to guarantee that you get the best sound and performance possible! Whether it is a student flute, a professional clarinet or a Solid Silver saxophone, every single instrument is brought up to the highest caliber setup before it leaves our door so that when you get it, it is truly ready to play right “out of the box”. This is the service that your big box stores and e-tailers (some of which aren’t even music stores) do NOT provide. Why would you want to trust your performance to a place that simply grabs a box and slaps a shipping label on it?

Our Guarantee
With every instrument that we sell, we include a trial/return period as well as a 1 year shop warranty. We want you to be able to make sure that you LOVE the products that you buy from us. So we give you the ability to test it out and if you don’t love it, send it back. (full terms & conditions here). Once you do keep the instrument, we also include a 1 year shop warranty by default. Especially with woodwind instruments, you need to keep them maintained as they rely on the compression of materials (leather, cork, felt) to maintain their adjustments. As time goes on, these materials can continue to compress or decompress leading to adjustment issues that lead to performance issues. So for the first year, we cover these adjustments at no charge.

For most players, since our instruments are setup properly before they ship out, this really amounts to an annual adjustment. So why not send it back for the first one for free from the people you trusted your purchase with it when you bought it new? We want to take care of you and have you as a long relationship, not just a one time transaction like these other places treat you.

Meet the Team

Chuck Kessler

Founder of Kessler & Sons Music. Chuck is the heart and soul behind our operations bringing his passion for excellence to all facets of what we do! He loves to help train new technicians in our shop so that he can share his expertise with a new generation of technician. He is an accomplished musician as a former professional bassoonist and a highly proficient doubler on all woodwind instruments. 3 of his sons (Mark, Adam & David) work in the business helping to oversee all of the various functions of our company.

David Kessler
Sales Manager & More

Having been with the business since 1999, David has developed our entire online presence and many of the products offered in our store. He is our primary product specialist and still enjoys assisting customers in finding the right musical equipment for their voice.

Mark Love
School Service Manager

Mark oversees our local school service operations. With one of the largest school districts in the country, Clark County School District, we are proud to be the primary supplier or wind musical instruments! Mark is also an accomplished luthier and brass technician.

Adam Kessler
Repair Shop Foreman

Adam has a Masters degree in Engineering (Mechanical). He oversees our repair shop, which is regarded as one of the finest in the country! He also personally performs many of the setups on new woodwind instruments prior to shipping to guarantee that you love your new instrument!

Kessler & Sons Music is a family owned & operated specialty music store serving the Las Vegas valley since 1989. We focus on woodwind & brasswind instruments & in providing absolutely the best possible service, selection, and price on the market. We are still your traditional small, family music shop, but with the help of the internet, we have extended our services to the world in order to help musicians achieve their best sound and performance!