International Order Terms

Please Note that items listed as “Free Shipping” on our website do not ship for free on international orders.

Brand & Item Restrictions
On NEW Instruments (does not apply on used instruments), there are some brands that Kessler & Sons Music cannot and will not ship internationally. This is mainly due to either a Manufacturer/Dealer Agreement forbidding such exportation for their product -OR- the ability to safely deliver product international (mainly on larger and more delicate items, such as Baritone Saxophones for instance).

Kessler & Sons Music cannot and will not ship the following manufacturer’s products internationally due to manufacturer’s policies

    • Conn-Selmer manufactured or distributed products (Yanagisawa, Selmer Paris, Selmer USA, Leblanc, Bach, Vito, Armstrong, Emerson, Bliss, Galway, & more – full listing of brands at – includes accessories from these companies as well)
    • Yamaha
    • Vandoren

Other brands may apply and are not limited to brands listed here.

Shipping Carrier
For International shipments, Kessler & Sons Music will ship primarily via UPS (

To obtain a shipping quote, please e-mail us with your full address and what you want to order.

Payment Information – Canadian Customers
Customers in Canada can purchase directly on our website. All prices are in US Dollars. Brand restrictions above still apply to Canadian shipments. Any order placed online for shipment to Canada that includes one of the restricted items will have that restricted item removed from the shipment.

Payment Information – All Other International Customers
All payments are to be made in US Dollars. Customer is responsible for any fees associated with the exchange from your currency to US Dollars. For first time international customers instrument transactions, Kessler & Sons Music will not accept Credit Cards for payment (excludes Canada). We will accept international payment by Direct Bank Wire Transfer. (Please note that customers in Canada do not fall under this policy. Customers in Canada follow the same payment policies as our US Customers – still excludes free shipping offers).

Direct Bank Wire Transfer – This method is usually the quickest for the customer. Kessler & Sons Music will provide all the necessary bank information for the customer to deposit the monies for your purchase directly in to a special account for Kessler & Sons International Orders. Customer is responsible for all fees associated with a wire transfer, but these fees are usually small and are paid directly to your bank at the time of the wire transfer.

Other Fees (Import Taxes, Brokerage, VAT, etc…)
The customer is responsible upon delivery for any and all additional fees for the importation of a package. Kessler & Sons Music is not able to estimate or pay for any of these fees. If you are concerned or would like to know more about these fees, please speak to the importing shipping company (UPS or your Postal Service) before placing an order.

Package Value Declaration
Kessler & Sons Music is required by law to properly declare the full value of any and all items in a shipment. We understand that this declared value directly effects the import fees that the customer is responsible for upon delivery, but we will not declare a package for a lower fee as it is illegal and unethical for us to do so. Furthermore, Kessler & Sons Music will not label the contents of a package as anything other than merchandise.

There are no exceptions to this policy.