King Legend Series Professional Trombones

Long regarded as being the best-selling jazz trombones in the world, the King Legend series is known for its versatility and features.With a variety of bell sizes and materials as well as hand slides with amazingly smooth and quick action in a number of bore sizes, King remains the horn of choice for jazz players around the world.

Kessler & Sons Music carries the revitalized King Legend Series trombones in our shop. These models offer amazing performance, exceptional build quality and a throw-back to the vintage King Legend models of old!

“All King Legend Series horns are completely inspected in our ProShop to guarantee their quality. Horns that do not meet our standards is sent back to King.”
Dave Kessler

King Legend Trombones

King Legend Series Models
The King Legend Series have all been renamed with their proper model names. For years, King used part numbers for their model number but players still referred to them by their traditional names. The “3B” was a “model 2103″… which was weird because we all knew it as the 3B… so they have finally corrected this and the 3B is once again officially, the 3B!

  • 2B – .481″/.491″ Dual Bore with 7 3/8″ Bell
  • Jiggs Whigham 2B – .491″ Bore with Lightweight Slide & 7 3/8″ Bell (no counterweight)
  • 2B Plus – .500″ Bore with 7 3/8″ Bell
  • 3B – .508″ Bore with 8″ Bell
  • 3BL – .508″ Bore with Lightweight Slide & 8″ Bell
  • 3B Plus – .525″ Bore with 8″ Bell
  • 4B – .547″ Bore with 8 5/8″ Bronze Bell

Both the standard 3B and 4B models are available with an F-Rotor as well on special order.

King Legend Series Features
The revitalization of the King Legend Series trombones includes a set of improvements to the performance, package and aesthetic of the instruments.

  • 3 Piece Balancer
    The new King Legend Series horns (with the exception of the Jiggs models) include a vintage inspired 3 piece counter weight balance for the main tuning slide. This balance is easily removable and changes the response characteristics of the trombone. This balancer is also available for purchase as an accessory in either nickel plate (standard) or in gold plate.
  • New Lightweight Case
    The Legend Series horns are all setup in the new lightweight case.
  • New Engraving
    While the engraving doesn’t impact the performance of the trombone, it sure looks nice! The new King Legend Series all feature a new deluxe engraving pattern.

Financing Available

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