A Clarinets
(clarinets in the key of A)

A Clarinets are instruments that are commonly misunderstood. Many times, manufacturer’s A clarinets are really not much more than their Bb counterpart that has been slightly elongated in order to be pitched at the lower key of A. This leads to some common problems with A clarinets, specifically a general sluggish “tubby-ness” to the instrument’s response. So we try and sift through the A clarinets offerings in order to give our customers a better option. Also, since A clarinets tend to be more expensive than their Bb counterparts, we look for A clarinets that specifically offer you a better value!

A Clarinets
There are a few specific models of A clarinet that we recommend based on their price, performance and the overall combination of value. With Buffet models, we also HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of one of our Barrel upgrade options and specifically, a Cocobolo barrel! We find that the appropriate Backun Cocobolo barrel is a marvelous fit for the Buffet A clarinets offering a wonderful tone and greatly improved response!

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Retail: $4,755.00
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Retail: $5,469.00 - $5,599.00
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Retail: $11,129.00

Financing Available

Multiple Financing Options Available!

We have a myriad of different financing options available for your new instrument! From affordable monthly payments over a longer period of time to other options that can include 0% Interest or Deferred Interest options, we can help find a way to make the instrument of your dreams become the instrument of your reality! Give us a call!

United Midwest Savings Bank

UMWSB offers flexible, long term financing with term lengths of up to 60 months at an affordable 12.99% APR. Better yet, their financing has No Pre-Payment Penalty so you can pay off your balance at anytime and only pay for the interest for the length of time you had the loan!
Minimum of $850 required for UMWSB Financing

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Synchrony Financial is one of the national leaders in consumer financing. With deferred interest options (Interest if waived if paid off in promotional term) and sometimes, they offer manufacturer partnered promotions to offer you an even better term length.
Minimum of $299 required for Synchrony Financing

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