Meyer Band of Bros

Meyer Connoisseur Saxophone Mouthpieces
“Band of Bros” Series

The original vintage New York Meyer mouthpieces are some of the most sought after mouthpieces in history. As time went on and Meyer (whether the original Meyer or JJ Babbitt who makes Meyer today) continued to modify their mouthpieces, many players have sought to reclaim the performance of previous models. This has driven the pricing of vintage New York Meyer’s into the 4 digit price range! As a result, JJ Babbitt has sought to bring back much of the performance characteristics of the history of the Meyer brand, offering players the choice of performance styles in modern mouthpieces. The end result is now known as the Meyer Connoisseur “Band of Bros” mouthpieces!

The Meyer Connoisseur mouthpieces are based on the design concepts originally employed on the alto sax models. Now available for the primary 4 saxes, the Connoisseur models are easily identifiable by the signature brass ring on the shank. This being employed on the Connoisseur lineup is where the “Band of Bros” branding came from for Meyer.

Vulcanized Rubber
In addition to the original manufacturing tools, the Connoisseur models feature a rubber that has an enhanced vulcanization process the more closely emulate the original hardness/density of the original mouthpieces. Increased time in the hand finishing of these models yields a higher quality mouthpiece that brings out the performance of the original design.

Tip Openings
The Meyer Connoisseur mouthpieces on soprano, tenor and bari are unique and are not the same as the standard Meyer models. Instead, on these instruments, the facings are a merger between Meyer & Otto Link concepts, using more of an Otto Link tip opening measurement but with a Meyer-esque facing length. On alto, the sizes are in line with traditional Meyer measurements.

Soprano Facings

5M – .050″ Tip
6M – .060″ Tip
7M – .065″ Tip
8M – .070″ Tip

Alto Facings

5M – .071″ Tip
6M – .076″ Tip
7M – .081″ Tip
8M – .086″ Tip

Tenor Facings

5M – .080″ Tip
6M – .090″ Tip
7M – .100″ Tip
8M – .110″ Tip

Bari Facings

5M – .090″ Tip
6M – .100″ Tip
7M – .110″ Tip
8M – .120″ Tip

Band of Bros Line
Check out the complete lineup in the Meyer Connoisseur “Band of Bros” line of mouthpieces.

Additional Info

Trial & Return
Kessler & Sons Music offers a 3 day trial / return policy by default on all in stock mouthpieces. There are no cleaning fees or restocking fees (assuming that the item is returned in proper condition).

When we ship the mouthpiece, we install a blue protective film over the logo to help protect the logo from scratches, but this does not 100% protect them.

We also install a tooth patch before shipping. We recommend leaving these items on the mouthpiece during the testing phase and only to remove them after you have made the decision to keep the mouthpiece.

Please read our terms & conditions (link at the bottom of the page) for full details on this policy.

Sealed Mouthpieces
Brand new from Babbitt, all Meyer mouthpieces arrive to us with a paper tape seal on the box. However, it is our responsibility as a dealer to make sure that you are getting both the mouthpiece and quality that you are paying for! As mentioned above, we place a tooth patch and protective blue tape on every mouthpiece we ship out, in order to assist in scratch prevention while you test.

This means that Kessler & Sons does not ship a sealed Meyer mouthpiece. We do this as well to make sure that the right mouthpiece is in the box! Companies can make mistakes and we have seen boxes contain the wrong mouthpiece in them (we had several of the NY Meyer 6M that actually had a standard Meyer 6M in the box instead of the NY model). So we make sure that the mouthpiece is the correct mouthpiece and that the facing of the mouthpiece is true so that you can have a great playing mouthpiece right out of the box!


Meyer Band of Bros
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