Student & Intermediate Trumpets

Kessler & Sons Music carries a carefully selected variety of student & intermediate trumpets in our shop. There are so many brands and models and options available to the consumer that it can be very difficult to find the right horn. So we meticulously sift and sort through everything that the industry has to offer in order to offer our customers the absolutely best values and best student & intermediate trumpets on the market today! If you are having a hard time figuring out exactly which horn is right for your needs, give us a call and talk to one of our experts today!

Student Trumpets
Student trumpets are horns that are designed for a younger player to start their adventure in trumpet playing on. Sadly, most of the industry has simply gotten too expensive for their student horns!! This has made us start to go to factories directly in order to provide our customers with better options. The models that are listed here are models that are either:

  • Student Models – Student Design, Good Trumpets
  • Intermediate Models that are in an affordable price!
Retail: $649.00
Great Value!
Out of stock
Retail: $3,313.00

Intermediate & Advanced Trumpets
The concept of an “intermediate trumpet” is one that the industry uses to typically sell dolled up student models under. This is just not acceptable. We only sell an intermediate trumpet if it is a true marked improvement from a student horn.

However, we also search through the industry for horns that are even better than an intermediate quality, but are perhaps at a price point closer to the “intermediate trumpet” range. We even go further and have developed our own Kessler Custom Artist line of intermediate trumpet models (as well as pro model) with the collaboration of master builder Tony Scodwell specifically to give you the best value possible!

This is a concept we refer to as “Performance Trumpets”.

Pocket Trumpets
The pocket trumpet is a fun little instrument. Sadly, since there is no where near as much call for a pocket trumpet, the availability of anything that resembles a quality instrument in the market has been quickly diminishing. So we decided to change that with our own Pocket Intermediate Trumpet!

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