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Selmer Signature Saxophone

Selmer Signature Saxophone I predicted this saxophone. Seriously. I predicted what the horn would be [...]

A Selmer C* is a C* is a C* – or is it?

A Selmer C* is a C* is a C* – or is it? Your saxophone [...]

Selmer Supreme Alto Sax Review

Selmer Paris Supreme Alto Sax Review Supreme – /so͞oˈprēm/ adjective 1: (of authority or an [...]

Selmer Paris Axos Tenor Sax

Selmer Paris Axos Tenor Sax Henri Selmer Paris is the most famous name in the [...]

Yamaha “Generations”

Yamaha is known for constantly trying to improve their products. Even if a product is [...]

Counterfeit & Fake Musical Instruments & Other Dangers of the Internet!

“They can’t post it on the internet if it isn’t true.” That was a line [...]

A Beautiful Horn Restored – King Zephyr Special

Please note: this sax is not for sale. OK, so this blog post isn’t much [...]

Yanagisawa FAQ

Dave Kessler’s Yanagisawa FAQ Yanagisawa saxophones are handmade in Japan and are some of the [...]

Does the Finish of a Saxophone Impact the Sound???

The music industry is filled with is opinions. One of the problems with opinions [...]

A Tale of Two Repair Shops…

I have the pleasure of dealing with customers all across the world. It truly is [...]